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Qashqai rug

Late 19th C
South Persian Tribal

This majestic tribal carpet was most likely woven by the Rahimlu tribe of the Qashqai tribal confederacy of southwest Persia. The Qashqai nomads are renowned for their weaving skill, and they created an array of colorful woolen domestic and equestrian objects. This corridor carpet, or 'kelleh,' draws a column of five diamonds traced in latch hook ornament against an animated indigo ground. These diamonds are of the same type frequently drawn on Qashqai saddle bags, and this carpet has the feel and fineness of a giant knotted pile bag face. Qashqai carpets of this grand size are rare an it is likely that this piece was woven as a special commission by a tribal leader as an audience carpet. Throughout the field, colorfully drawn animals (including several varieties of birds and quadrupeds), trees, shrubs, paisleys, and purely geometric ornament motifs shimmer against a deep indigo ground. This lush imagery evoking vigorous life and fertility is repeated in the border, where mirrored pairs of animals are interspersed between stylized diamond shaped rosettes and flowering buds. This rug was a veritable vision of paradise for these nomadic people.

Original pile Selvedges restored. Slight loss to outer guard border each end.
Being sold on behalf of The Thomas D. Cook family
6' 7"
12' 5"

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