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East Anatolian rug fragment

17th C

This exceptional Anatolian fragment represents a stratum of Near Eastern weaving not largely preserved in Anatolia and the West. Most probably woven in Eastern Anatolia, it blends elements of Northwest Persian carpet weaving with features almost reminiscent of a Caucasian aesthetic. Over the last 25 years, several groups of carpets reflecting these three neighboring regions have remarkably been discovered preserved in Tibet. This is one of these pieces. While it may at first seem odd that Turkish rugs would find their way so far east, the longevity and vitality of the Silk Roads should be kept in mind. Furthermore, while local collections of early Anatolian weaving were notably preserved in Turkish mosques such as the celebrated inventories of the Sivas area, the turbulent political situation along the Ottoman/Safavid border area may not have provided optimum conditions for long-term preservation. Though this is just a fragment from the top right hand corner, enough information may be discerned to speculate on the totality of what must have been a spectacular early Anatolian carpet.

To be offered as part of "Artful Weavings" exhibition in San Francisco opening Feb. 9th. Prices displayed Feb. 8th.
Being sold on behalf of Mr. and Mrs. Wendel Swan.
2' 0"
3' 3"

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