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Qashqai Vagireh

Late 19th C

A 'vagireh,' or sampler, is a small rug containing multiple patterns utilized by weavers to make larger pieces. This Qashqai vagireh contains samples for three corner piece treatments, two medallion types (which could be repeated in several permutations), several borders, and at least three field designs. Alhough the Qashqai were traditionally pastoral nomads, they realized that selling finished products like rugs and carpets was more profitable than trading in raw wool. Because of their favored political status, officials of the Qashqai tribal confederacy were able to establish formal weaving workshops in southwest Persia as early as the 18th century. While multiple examples of Qashqai vagirehs survive, this piece is certainly one of the earliest. In 1990, this piece was selected as part of the landmark exhibition of rugs from private collections assembled for the sixth International Conference on Oriental Carpets held in San Francisco. Writing in the exhibition catalog about this piece, one curator notes: "Although one can find many Qashqa'i samplers, particularly from the Qashguli workshop in Firuzabad, this is surely the oldest I have encountered."

2' 7"
4' 0"

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