Oriental Rugs, Vintage Rugs, and Antique Rugs by Peter Pap

Karabagh prayer rug

c. 1900

This charming Caucasian rug represents a genre seen specifically in the south Caucasus in the 19th century that is based on silk ikat textiles from central Persia. How and why these Persian textiles were so faithfully reproduced in wool pile by Caucasian weavers remains unclear. The directional nature of this piece, its drawing of trees, birds, and even the cartouche border are all inspired by Persian ikat textiles. The majority of these Caucasian piece seem to have been woven in the Karabagh area and have some structural affinities to Kazak rugs. This piece, however, based on structure, seems to have been woven in a place closer to the Caspian coast, perhaps Derbend or Shirvan. Colors are natural with the aubergine of the spanderels consisting of an over dye or double dye of madder with indigo. An Armenian inscription in the bottom left of the field remains unintelligible to us and seems to be paired with a number, either 41 or 91, neither of which seems particularly relevant as a date. An Islamic date in the top right corner reads 1318 roughly corresponding to the Western year 1900.

Outer guard borders rewoven both ends, some selvedge restoration, areas of reknotting
Formerly in a Michigan collection
4' 5"
5' 7"

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