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Karabagh rug

Mid 19th C.

Woven with long lustrous pile this Karabagh rug from the southwest Caucasus draws two medallions outlined in green and white against a vibrant madder-red ground. Instead of the more typical 'Eagle' variant medallions, those drawn here relate more to the quartered 'guls' of the Turkmen of Central Asia. Whether this represents a direct trans-Caspian exchange or different regional takes on an older theme is difficult to determine. Curiously, in the medallions in this Caucasian example do not follow the Turkmen tradition of alternating colors (generally ivory and ocher) within each of the quadrants. The golden centers of the guls seen on this piece give a subtle impression of a sunburst while the smaller mainly geometric elements dispersed throughout the field recall both floral and astral notions. The white meandering serrated 'leaf and wine-glass' border is a perfect accompaniment to the field complementing both the white outlining as well as the contours of the medallions. This pieces uses white cotton weft, which is sometimes the sign of older Kazak and Karabagh pieces.

Some loss to macrame end finish one end, sections of outer minor border rewoven other end, some selvedge restoration
Being sold on behalf of Dr. Robert Emry
4' 4"
6' 9"

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