Oriental Rugs, Vintage Rugs, and Antique Rugs by Peter Pap

Shirvan prayer rug

19th C (3rd Q)

This exquisite Shirvan prayer rug combines a fine weave, crisp clear drawing, and a remarkably soft and tactile handle. Against a clear ivory ground, rows of delicate flowering shrubs are rendered within a classic lattice grid. The diversity of flowering forms used here is quite pleasing with several varieties using tone on tone reds, others drawn with blues, several multi-colored types, and still others using a prominent ivory. The shapes of these jewel-like shrubs is equally diverse, most likely denoting both actual and imagined species. Irises, carnations, and roses are easily identifiable along with asymmetrically rendered poppies. While all-over field patterns run the risk of becoming monotonous, this is certainly not the case here. Through playful alternations of spacing and color, subtle discreet bands are created throughout the field culminating in a noticeably more spacious rendering at the top of the field in the area on either side of the 'mihrab' niche. A classic colorful Shirvan border drawing serrated 'S' forms, each punctuated by a central eight-pointed star, elegantly frames the field.

Outer guard borders rewoven both sides, small tear in end finish
3' 10"
5' 5"

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