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Kecimuhsine rug

18th Century

Central Anatolian rugs of the late 17th and 18th centuries preserve modes and features of weaving from the classical period of the 15th and 16th centuries, and still develop and expand on their own regional characteristics. This statement may seem obvious and applicable to any variety of post-classical art, but it is crucial to keep in mind when attempting to explain the host of seemingly eccentric features of design and drawing seen in this central Anatolian village rug. Most probably woven in Kecimuhsine in the vicinity of Konya, this piece is clearly a part of the Anatolian design tradition sometimes known as "Type III Holbein." Of particular relevance to this piece is the treatment of its two octagonal medallions. Outlining in classical linked "s" motifs on the top and bottom gives way to networks of village latch-hooks on the sides. Perhaps what is most striking about the piece is how codified these eccentricities seem to be. At times, corner-pieces seem to morph into pinwheels and the entire internal structure of the octagons. There is a method to this madness. Central green cruciforms terminate in abstracted foliage, the top and bottom arms of each noticeably irregular and weighted at the top. The counter-balancing blue variants do not emanate horizontally from the center; rather, they extend from a network of tracery encroaching from the sides. Here, the original design gives way to create a whole new sense of internal space, organization, and balance. In the spirit of great Anatolian village weaving, color is paramount, with a particularly diverse range painting the "etek" lappets. The result is a renewed dynamism which is the hallmark of great post-classical Anatolian village weavings.

original pile intact. original selvedges with the exception of one section that has been rewoven. Full flat woven end one end with some damage. Missing flat woven end other end
Being sold on behalf of Mr. Gary Bortz
4' 8"
6' 3"

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