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Shahsevan sumak bagface

Mid 19th C.

With its distinctive central medallion floating against a deep indigo ground and being flanked by stylized green trees in each corner, this sumak bag face belongs to a highly select design group from the Khamseh area of Azerbaijan province. These pieces are most likely the work of Shahsevan weavers. Perhaps the most well known example of this group is a piece published in John Wertime's 'Sumak Bags of Northwest Persia & Transcaucasia' (1998) as plate 3. Our piece, however, holds up remarkably well when compared to this published example. Most notably, color is arguably superior with greater range of color and saturation. Indeed, this piece is seemingly divided into two hemispheres where a true green is used in the top half and a lighter spring green employed in the bottom. Consequently, the iconic trees are of two different greens top and bottom. Though the same ashik main border is used in both pieces, our bag has a more diverse system of guards adding a slight sense of motion and adding color. In keeping with tribal weaving traditions a small animal train is drawn at the bottom of the field that is not present in the published example.

1' 10"
1' 11"

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