Oriental Rugs, Vintage Rugs, and Antique Rugs by Peter Pap

Bessarabian kilim

19th C (3rd Q)
Eastern Europe

Bessarabia is a historical region of Eastern Europe situated on the northwestern coast of the Black Sea around the territory of what is now the nation of Moldova. Rugs described as Bessarabian were generally woven in a larger territory encompassing both this historical area as well as into the neighboring regions in what are now Ukraine and Romania. This cheerful kilim was most likely woven in what is now eastern Romania along the Black Sea coast. A grand garland floats against a cream ground with roses boldly drawn in each corner of the field. Eastern European kilims of several types drew inspiration from neighboring Ottoman Turkish designs. However, in the 19th century French models became increasingly important. Indeed, this piece may be seen as a colorful Romanian folk interpretation of a French Aubusson.

5' 3"
7' 4"

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