Mohtashem Kashan rug


8'6" x 11'10"



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Kashan, an oasis town in south central Persia, has been a center for dying and fine silk textile production for centuries. As early as the 16th century, small format silk carpets were being produced here. Because of its arid climate, which is unsuitable for herding, wool carpets were rarely woven in Kashan until the 19th century when wool began to be imported both from neighboring regions and the international market. “Mohtashem” is the Persian word for magnificent and refers to a particular maker in Kashan of especially fine and distinguished carpets, several of which contain this signature. Because not all Mohtashem pieces were signed, Kashan carpets of the same high level of quality are given the market name “Mohtashem” to distinguish them. This 19th century piece uses a classic large medallion format reminiscent of older pieces from the 16th and 17th centuries. The border of repeat palmettes linked by oscillating foliage may also be traced to classical Safavid Persian examples.

Condition Report

Obvious wear visible in photos. Areas on old repair.

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