Tibetan saddle set


2'2" x 4'3"



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Complete saddle sets including this notched bottom piece to be placed under the saddle with the corresponding rectangular mat placed on top on which to sit are unusual. Often, separated by dealers wishing to maximize their profits, they rarely reach the western market together. Undoubtedly made as a set, the primary medallions in the field are identical, medallion designs derived from Chinese silk textiles. The typical border pattern of scolling vines and tendrils with flowers include attributes, possibly associated with the person for whom it was made. With flutes and books, as well as a stylized bird and precious jewel (in the corners of the bottom piece), the owner was possibly a person of some prestige. The colors are intensely saturated and all derived from natural dyes.

Condition Report

Excellent condition, price is for both pieces.

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