Afshar bagface


2'8" x 1'8"




The Collection of Dr. Charles Whitfield

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The design pool of pile rugs and bags from South Persia often conform to a known groups of motifs, but the patterns seen here do not. Akin to one example in the Rothberg collection (plate 126), Rothbnerg speculates that some of the motifs bear a resemblance to those seen in Turkmen rugs, recalling the origin of the tribe as one displaced from Central Asia and re-settled in Persia long ago. The similarity to the other published example is apparent, suggesting a limited production, possibly (as Rothberg muses) woven by a specific clan. The dynamic nature of the design is easily viewed over time, a veritable treat for the eyes in the same manner as one might appreciate a modern art painting.

Condition Report

Very good condition with obvious small areas of old faded re-knotting.

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