Ersari chuval


5'3" x 3'3"




The Collection of Dr. Charles Whitfield

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This is a common design type of the so-called Ersari nomadic groups located in the middle Amu Darya region of Central Asia. Whether it is actually made by an Ersari weaver is of little importance, as the dynamic visuals of the design, with multi colored zig zag lines radiating from the center of this oversized bag (or ‘chuval’) are undeniably pleasing. Adhering to the attributes of this weaving type, the bottom panel features stylized trees, while the borders, too, retain the dynamic qualities seen in the field. The juxtaposition of a clear, unfaded yellow with a scintillating medium indigo blue is a color combination many enjoy. Some have speculated this design may be related to those seen in silk ikat weavings from nearby, but nothing like this really exists in the iconography of silk ikats from Central Asia. Only the engaging visuals of this piece are reminiscent of silk textiles rather than any specific patterning. The ‘abrash’ or color change throughout the field as well as in that bottom panel featuring the tree motifs imparts an element of depth to the drawing, giving the illusion of three dimensions rather than a merely flat, two dimensional work of art.

Condition Report

Even wear with small areas of bare foundation. Minor areas or re-wrapping over original selvedges.

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