Konya Kilim


5'9" x 13'2"



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This large central Anatolian kilim is woven with a repeat design sometimes associated with the so-called ‘elibelinde’ or ‘hands on hips’ motif. The origins of this ornament is controversial with most scholars now confident that such patterns and motifs derive from abstracted variants of classical carpet and textile design, with a strong contingent of kilim aficionados insisting on a direct linkage with specific iconography going back to pre-history. Whatever the case, its rendition and scale here is stunning. Against an ivory ground, curvilinear hooks and zig-zags create a dynamic assortment of negative space and new figural relationships. This piece is dated 1255 which corresponds with the Western year 1839.

Collection of Sam Barakat

Condition Report

Good condition. Most of the brown on the outer edges has been expertly rewoven. This is due to that fact that the original dye was corrosive to the wool.

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