Kuba rug


4'2" x 6'0"




The Collection of Dr. Charles Whitfield

Rug ID 24241 Category



In the late 19th century, workshops and weavers to expand their range of designs as they began to focus on the export market. The weavers have interpreted a classic Persian medallion center rug format, which they might have seen in any number of rugs produced just to the south, but they have remained faithful to their own tradition of using the most beautiful wool, natural dyes, and design elements. The minor borders ate classically Caucasian in nature, but the main border is a more stylized version of a meandering foliate design. The angularity of the drawing in the field and medallion is what you might expect from weavers who have never been expected to render a curvilinear design. This difficulty of execution is further exacerbated by their use of a symmetrical knot and limited knot density. It’s quite rare to see a weaving embody the amount of charm and beauty that this rug exhibits.

Condition Report

Excellent condition

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