Kuba rug


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Situated between the Ottoman and Persian empires, the Caucasus and its weaving often reflect both regional aesthetics but can rarely be confused with either. This Kuba rug was woven in the South Caucasus near the coast of the Caspian Sea. The field design may be seen as a multiple or repeat key-hole variant. This type, named for its distinctive shape, was first seen in classical western Anatolian weaving of the 16th century. Its survival in Caucasian weaving of the 19th century is interesting to ponder, but certainly not without parallels. Here octagons with centers, perhaps derived from flat-woven sumak utility bags of the local nomads, have been inserted into each of the niches of the field. Abstracted leafing stalks are drawn in between these niches—so that each appears as a large flowering shrub. The colors are vivid, with several shades each of blue and red. The main border draws a colorful rendition of the ‘harshang’ or ‘crab’ type, originating in Northwest Persian carpets of the 18th century. Property of a Florida collector. Provenance: Sold by Peter Pap in 1996.

Condition Report

Guard border rewoven one end. Guard border and portion of minor border rewoven other end. Selvedges restored. Minor re-piled areas.

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