Mashad rug

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4'10" x 6'5"



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Small directional rugs with niches at the top end are often described as prayer rugs. This designation is usually correct with such rugs woven as surfaces for prostration in prayer. However, as early as the late 18th century and especially during the turn of the century, elegant niched directional rugs often with a floral theme were used to decorate both floors and walls. This elegant directional piece was woven in the Northeastern Persian city of Mashad in the historic province of Khorosan. A central flowerpot ushers forth a majestic stalk and a network of tendrils with a multitude of flower and blossom types filli the deep indigo ground. This design type may be related to earlier millefleur type rugs from neighboring India that were copied throughout Persia. These later pieces were generally larger and woven for the wall or as so-called ‘meditation’ pieces. With the smaller size of this piece, its exact purpose is more difficult to determine.

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Excellent original condition

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