Ningxia saddle rug


2'0" x 4'4"




Collection of Dr. Michael Wirth, purchased c. 1990

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Though saddle rugs are rarely attributed to China or the Ningxia weaving region, some were made, possibly for export to the Tibetan marketplace? Rugs and other weavings made for the monastic markets of Tibet far outnumber saddle rugs. The field pattern is exceptionally elegant, with two medallions spaciously placed on an overall lattice containing flowers in each compartment. The yellow central panel, too, is elegantly drawn with precisely articulated curvilinear lines finished off with an unmistakable flair evident in Chinese textiles. Given the sides and ends are bound with an original fabric, it is impossible to see the cotton warps. If the weaving is mid 19th century, one would expect to see handspun three or four ply cotton employed. The border, too, is well handled with large expanses of plain, undecorated but quite saturated indigo blue on which lotus flower heads are attractively interspersed. Though saddle rugs from the region are rare, it is actually a wonder one does not see more given the location outside the Great Wall among the equestrian cultures of that area.

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Excellent condition

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