Qashqai rug


3'9" x 4'7"




The Collection of Dr. Charles Whitfield

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The Qashqai are renowned weavers responsible for some of the finest, often intricately patterned rugs among the tribal groups of south and southwest Persia. The diminutive size suggests it was the type of rug easily used, though this example was apparently treasured and never intended for everyday, common usage by the family of the weaver. The zig zag pattern dominating the field is visually active, the type of which one’s eye never tires. The appearance of the indigo blue dye used rather sparingly is interesting. A lighter shade appears at the very bottom of the field while it appears in a darker, more saturated shade further up the field, suggesting its availability may have been limited at the onset of weaving, and by the time the rug was half complete, more of the dye became available? The braided warps at either end are an unusual feature, again suggesting it may have served a ceremonial rather than mundane function.

Condition Report

Excellent condition. Some tassels have been repaired.

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