Tibetan rug


2'5" x 5'0"




Collection of Dr. Michael Wirth, purchased c. 1990

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One of the acknowledged older examples any collector could ever hope to acquire. Rugs of this size are called ‘khaden’ and used as sleeping rugs on raised platforms or beds in their homes. The attractive purple / aubergine field color is a distinctive feature of these older types, unseen in late examples. The simple meandering T primary border coupled with a relatively boldly drawn ‘jewel’ or pearl border on the identical ground color as the field identify this example as an older one. The central medallion appears to be one influenced by Central Asian design types, and the ubiquitous ‘frog’s foot’ design in white may actually represent trees, akin to motifs depicted on ancient stone seals from Central Asia. Why the Tibetans call it a ‘frog’s foot’ pattern remains a mystery. There are no frogs in Tibet! How old is it? Dating something this old with any certainty is always tricky but authors on the subject as well as experienced dealers will often refer to similar examples as ‘mid 19th century’. Could it be a bit later or even earlier? The short answer is yes.

Condition Report

Excellent condition

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