Tibetan saddle rug


2'0" x 4'0"




Collection of Dr. Michael Wirth, purchased c. 1990

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An extraordinarily nice Tibetan saddle rug with a complex overall geometric pattern known within the context of Chinese textile art as the ‘rice grain’ pattern. More often seen in a minor border, it is extremely unusual to see it used in this manner. The leather sewn around each opening for the straps of the saddle suggest this was actually used, though sparingly given the good condition. The rounded shape is one thought to be an early feature, i.e. mid 19th century, but with a few flower heads with in the meandering T or Greek key border suggests a later dating to the latter part of the 19th century. The blue/green dye of the central panel flanked by a deep madder red outline suggest no expense was spared to produce this complex, and quite opulent, saddle rug.

Condition Report

Excellent condition

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