Yomut chuval


3'11" x 2'7"




Being sold on behalf of Dr. and Mrs. Timothy McCormack

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This classic Yomut Turkmen tent bag is imbued with a subtle but definite sense of sophistication. Drawing is crisp and open with a notion of depth being conveyed when the large primary repeat ‘guls’ of the field are contrasted with the more slender almost ethereal minors. The border is a classic Yomut Turkmen variant. Here it is skillfully drawn with a highly curvilinear rendering of the reciprocal so-called ‘running dog’ guard, particularly at the top and bottom. Color is is saturated with excellent pairings of lighter and darker tones. The bottom ‘elem’ panel appears at first glance to be blank. Upon further inspection, however, one may see that it is speckled with small triangular blue and green ornament traced in a vibrant madder red. This chuval is symmetrically knotted.

Condition Report

two small areas with foundation showing in center, selvedges not original.

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