Yomut main carpet


5'5" x 9'0"



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This classic Turkmen main carpet uses the so-called ‘kepse gul’ field design against a saturated plum madder ground. Elongated ‘kepse guls’ are drawn diagonally across the field alternating with white and red variants. Though slightly smaller than most of the type, the long and narrow proportions of this piece are in keeping with Yomut carpets and their particular proportions. The ‘syrga’ and ‘running dog’ border are likewise quintessentially Yomut, and in combination with the field design give this carpet the impression of large luxurious Turkmen bag or trapping. Of particular interest is the individual nature of both of the tree designed ‘elem’ panels on the top and bottom ends.

Condition Report

Small patch, can be rewoven at buyer’s discretion.

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