Baluch prayer rug


2'10" x 4'9"




Collection of Dr. Michael Wirth

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A spaciously drawn blue ground prayer rug, possibly from northeast Persia. The complex primary border suggests the provenance; as such drawing is rarely (if ever?) seen in examples from the Afghan side of the present day political border. The indigo blue dye is exceptional, a glowing shade and quite difficult to achieve. The size of the leaves on the ascending tree of life motif dominating the field is attractive, contributing to the unusually spacious drawing. Often the pattern is executed on a smaller scale, with a claustrophobic, somewhat cluttered appearance. With the kilim ends intact, it is an unusually complete, quite satisfying example of a coveted type. Blue ground prayer rugs are considered by many to be some of the more pleasing and collectible examples available. Collection of Dr. Michael Wirth

Condition Report

Selvedges have been re-wrapped.

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