Kazak rug


4'9" x 8'2"




The Collection of Dr. Charles Whitfield

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With an empty red field with multi colored snow flake-like motif floating on the edges, framed by the blue/green reciprocal designed border, this rug catches the eye, more so than if more design was immediately apparent. The primary border coupled with the empty field, recalls the aesthetic of Talish rugs from the southeast Caucasus. Given the workshop origin of most Caucasian rugs, sharing or mirroring aspects of design is not unknown and should be expected. The ‘abrash’ or color change in the empty red field suggests different dye baths, an attractive feature, as a uniform shade might not be quite as attractive. The sinuous tendrils in the secondary borders are well handled, with a dark madder red vine, with white and light yellow flowers contrasted on the lighter blue ground, an extremely nice color combination. Somehow the bold graphics of many Kazak rugs, while attractive in their own right, pale in comparison to the serenity of this particular example.

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Excellent condition

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