Tibetan saddle rug


2'1" x 4'2"



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As stated elsewhere and throughout the literature, saddle rugs are not uncommon and appear to be an essential component of the equestrian culture of the high plateau. This example uncharacteristically features three borders – with two secondary borders within the primary outer one. It is unusual to see so many borders as characteristically, there is more often only one wider outer primary border with at most a narrower secondary border directly flanking the field. The colors are well saturated with the brown ground of the field probably derived from walnut. The clarity and saturation of the madder red dyes, along with the vibrance of the yellow component (which often fades with exposure to light) suggests it was made in a workshop, possibly from Shigatse, the second largest city on the plateau. The red woolen cloth with a tie dyed pattern is a nice feature. The condition is excellent, suggesting it was seldom used.

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Excellent condition

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