Mongolian saddle set


2'1" x 4'7"



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One rarely sees complete saddle sets from East Asia, or does one see a saddle rug from Mongolia very often either. Obviously rare, the set features the classic palette associated with rugs from Mongolia. The ground color, a natural brown wool (with a planned color change too) is a characteristic of the group. The other dyes, including the lighter rose red, and light khaki green too seem to be characteristic of the group. The classic design, with a deer looking back over the shoulder, flanked by a crane in flight is classic themes encountered in all textiles from the region. The border is sparsely ornamented with flowers in alternating blue and light rose red hues. The red cloth binding on the edges is typical of the manner in which Tibetans complete their rugs, suggesting it may have been made for the Tibetan market?

Condition Report

Excellent condition. Price is for both pieces

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